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Friday, 15 January 2010

That's life

Many magazines nowadays have lost much of the old glamour with several of them famed for slagging off the celebrities that grace their pages. Then again, there is a different breed of celebrity these days. The rise of reality show stardom has left us overcrowded with attention seeking idiots willing to do anything to get them a spread in The Sun, or better still, Heat magazine. I agree that to some degree a lot of these "celebrities" need a good slating but who really cares what Kerry Katona or Jordan look like without their make up? (They look rough enough with it on..)
Enter Life Magazine. Read by millions, Life magazine was the symbol of class and sophistication in it's heyday and still serves it's purpose as providing a classier type of celebrity commentary. You won't find Britney revealing her privates amongst these pages, instead beautifully taken photographs of an altogether different callibre of celebrity.
The Life magazine back catalogue is now available to read online through Google Books and if you're interested in vintage photography, costume, make up or advertising, you'll find it all in these pages. Happy reading x

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