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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A little something for the boys x

Sorry guys, I'll be the first to admit that this blog is directed mainly towards the girls but I do have a few ideas for you, too.
To make a gingham shirt more unique, invest in a few colourful buttons and replace the ones already on your shirt.
If your handy with a needle and thread, this may be worth a try. Take two different shirts you're bored of wearing and swap the pockets over. Unpick the stitching of both pockets, switch them over and sew them back on! Easy! Gingham works really well with denim but why not be brave and use a floral fabric? No need to limit this to shirts, try it with your jeans or sew the pocket on sideways if you fancy something cool but dysfunctional.
If you have a tendency to roll up your shirts, add some interest by sewing a line of velvet on the inside seam of the cuff. Simply turn your shirt sleeve inside out and sew the ribbon along the seam. You can pick up velvet ribbon from any decent sewing shop. Select a thin ribbon, about half a centimetre thick and pick a colour that either contrasts starkly from that of your shirt to give it an edge (like lime green with a pink shirt- it works, promise!) or go for something a little more subtle to create a cool detail. You could even sew a line of velvet ribbon on the inside seam of your collar as another interesting touch.
Some guys are good with their hair but others have no idea so heres a few tips for those of you without a clue. Firstly- it's perfectly OK to spend time in the bathroom! Experiment with your hair. If you want to build volume try backcombing your hair. Grab your hair at its tip and brush backwards from the tip to the root with a comb or brush. This is particularly good if you want to create the Elvis quiff or something similar. Once the volume is in your hair, its easy to manipulate it and create the look you want, just make sure you spritz with hairspray before going out- otherwise it won't hold. If you like the 50's slick back look, all you need is wet look gel (the cheap stuff is as good as any) and a comb. Simply run the gel through the front of your hair and from the roots at the front of your hair, comb your hair in an 'n' shape backwards, lifting the hair up with the comb as you go to create a quiff.
Finally- guyliner. Not everyone's cup of tea but here's something you may not know. Don't wear black eyeliner unless you have super dark lashes. If you're blonde, a brown eyeliner will be far more subtle than black and will still have the same effect. If you have blue eyes, try a navy liner. Whatever eyeliner you go for, make sure you blend! Just smudge the hard lines with a finger tip to create a more natural look. If you have small eyes that you want to look bigger, black eyeliner is not the way forward. Instead, use a white eye liner on the inside of the lower lid. Barry M are the best pencils and you can buy those from Boots or Superdrug. Simple x

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