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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Pretty me up

Now I know most of you have the vintage make up look down but there is a lot more that you can do than eyeliner flicks and red lipstick- not that I'm knocking it! I found this make up tutorial online and found it really useful. The model looks really fresh and kind of cartoony- I think it's a nice look. If you're curious about how to complete the vintage look but not look too "done up", then this make up tutorial might be good for you. She's used false eyelashes in the tutorial but there's no reason why you can't wear this look all day with just mascara and then put on some falsies to give your look a reboost before you go out. I'd also suggest that if, like me, you get dark rings round your eyes when you're tired, try Benefit's Boi-ing concealer around the eye area and finish off with a little Ooh La Lift (also Benefit) on the eyebone- blend by tapping lightly- not rubbing! This will give you that fresh-as-a-daisy look you so desire!


Finally, the no nonsense guide to fantastic vintage hair! I can vouch for this myself, I gave it a go and, yes, it was a little tricky but persist and the results are brilliant! Good luck!

Soup? In a bun?

Ginger Two is the most fantastic boutique in Winchester. It stocks retro homewares, quirky bits and bobs for around the house and is the perfect place to shop for presents. Better than all that is the cafe attached to the shop run by the same lovely lady. The selections of teas are endless and the coffee is perfection- made all the more wonderful by the friendly staff and cosy, homely atmosphere. The food is all homemade from original recipes and its definitely worth trying to work your way through the extensive cake menu! The most amazing thing about Ginger Two however, is the Thai Butternut Squash soup served in a bun! It is the most beautiful thing I have eaten and is highly recommended- especially in this snowy weather. Stuck in Winchester and fancy the perfect afternoon? Grab a paper, sit yourself down in Ginger Two and indulge. I promise you won't regret it.

Nine Boyces Street

Nine Boyces Street in Brighton (previously Temple Tatu) has produced some of the finest tattoos I have seen. Vintage style tattoos in my opinion are quite difficult to perfect but some of the vintage work from Nine is out of this world. The studio itself has a fantastic atmosphere, really welcoming, friendly and relaxed. I was tattooed there by Jack and I can't rave about him enough. If you're thinking of getting a tattoo, it's well worth while looking into the best artists for you- after all, it's going to be on your body forever! If you are able to get down to Brighton, Nine is the best studio but be prepared to go on a waiting list as they are in high demand! Check out all the artists on their website and prepare to be amazed.


I absolutely love vintage glasses and I have spent a long time snooping for the perfect pair. If you're unable to spend hours on e-bay or at flea markets trying to find a pair you love, I've done the legwork for you! VintageEyeGlassesOnline is a great website with zillions of pairs of vintage glasses for men and women. They have gold, silver, jeweled and plastic frames and are all reasonably priced. The descriptions of all of the glasses are really detailled, making selection a whole lot easier. The site is American but shipping costs are very reasonable at just $5.95!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

For all you magpies...

So you like shiney, pretty things with a hint of vintage? Here are a few of my favourite jewellery designers with something to suit all budgets.

Lovely, intricate, feminine designs from one of the UK's leading jewellery designers. Alex Monroe is stocked in many stores up and down the country including Silverado in Brighton and Liberty in London.
With her unusual designs starting at rockbottom prices (£12 for this necklace!) Galibardy jewellery is wonderfully affordable. Her handmade designs vary in style from quirky 1930's pieces to rock 'n' roll statements. Find her selling at the Sunday market near Brick Lane or visit her website.
Birdy Num Num offer a diverse and affordable range of accessories in their online store. If you're searching for a pretty evening clutch or some classic accessories, you can't go wrong here!

Are you listening carefully?

There are some amazing musicians out there but if you can't shake your vintage style even on the dancefloor, here are a few people who may brighten your day.

The beautful Imelda May has a great swinging style. If you like big quiffs, red lips and lots of leopard print, this feisty Irish belle may be just your cup of tea.

Taking it back a few years now. Wanda Jackson is one of my very favourite musical treasures. With her raspy, rugged country tones, her style is not for everyone but if you hear something you like, she'll become an addiction I challenge you to kick.

A sucker for beauty? Me too. Check these girls out live if you can as Peggy Sue are an even better treat live than recorded.

Laura Marling, another gem. Her album 'Alas I cannot swim' is beautiful and her vocals on the Mystery Jets track, Young Love are also well worth a listen.

Style secrets

Get Cutie is a fantastic shop based in Brighton specialising in hand made dresses made out of beautiful retro prints. The cut of their dresses are amazingly flattering and they cater for a wide range of sizes, even offering a range for those of us with fuller busts! Visit the online store or pop down to their Kensington Gardens shop in Brighton- you wont regret it!

I have spent weeks on end searching for fantastic vintage undies and at last I think i've hit the jackpot! Retro lingerie specialists, La Magia make the most gorgeous underwear ranging from sultry satins to nautical sets. Respectfully priced, too so if you fancy a treat without breaking the bank, pay La Magia a visit.

The most reasonably priced and varied vintage shop that I have come across is the brilliant Beyond Retro. Their stores (London, Brighton & Sweden) are jam packed with vintage clothing from every era. I warn you, you could be in there for days! With a great selection of accessories as well as clothing, everything is under one roof. Casual vintage dresses, skirts, coats and jackets are in ample supply as well as hundreds of theatrical outfits. A great variety of sizes are available as well as an equally well stocked mens department. It really has to be seen to be believed!

Home Sweet Home

Make your house a home with some beautiful vintage pieces. Winter's Moon is a fantastic online store which sells recycled, handmade and vintage homewares. They have everything from tree decorations to armchairs, paper lanterns to teapots. Why buy something mass produced and new when you can recycle something with charm?!

If you're passionate about recycling and are looking to save a pretty penny, then check out Freecycle. This is a fantastic scheme in operation all over the world where people 'post' online whatever items they are looking to get rid of or trying to obtain. Items range from bikes to earplugs so see what's on offer in your area!

Along the same lines as Freecyle, but sadly only available in Brighton is 'Shabitat'. Run by the Brighton based recycling firm, Magpie, Shabitat sells reclaimed items at rock bottom prices. Situated on Lewes Road, opposite the bus depot, there are hundreds of items to choose from.

Waste Not, Want Not

I think what I love most about retaining vintage values in modern life is the ability to use most things that would otherwise be thrown away. One of my Grandmother's favourite sayings was 'Waste not, want not' and no where is this more applicable than in the kitchen.
8.3 million tonnes of food are thrown away from UK households every year and this comes at a cost of £680 per year for the average family. As the "Love Food, Hate Waste" campaign notes- if we were to stop wasting this level of food, the impact on CO2 emmisions would be equivalent to 1 in 4 cars being taken off Britain's roads.
A few simple adaptaions to the ways that we consume can help us make a big difference. Here are a few recipe ideas to help you get rid of those leftovers.

The most beautiful minestrone soup...

Throw your leftovers on a pizza!

There are plenty of ideas for your leftovers. My favourite thing to do is throw it all into a pie! You can make it easy for yourself by using pre-made puff pastry and follow a basic pie recipe. Alternatively, why not try a stew? Pies and stews are pretty forgiving dishes so whatever you throw in usually works! Remember, there are no rules, experiment with your leftovers and reap the reward of a full belly and the knowledge that you're doing your bit in reducing CO2 emissions!
Sainsburys TryNation also have some lovely recipes to try!

Vintage Hairstyles

It's really hard to recreate the perfect vintage hairstyle but whilst snooping the 'net, i've managed to find a few tutorials you may find helpful. Some of them drag on a little bit but they're useful nonetheless! The tools you'll need: A comb, bobby pins or clips and a healthy dose of hairspray!

This one is in two parts and is quite thorough- I'd recommend fast-forwarding!

Part 2

Good luck girls!