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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Home Sweet Home

Make your house a home with some beautiful vintage pieces. Winter's Moon is a fantastic online store which sells recycled, handmade and vintage homewares. They have everything from tree decorations to armchairs, paper lanterns to teapots. Why buy something mass produced and new when you can recycle something with charm?!

If you're passionate about recycling and are looking to save a pretty penny, then check out Freecycle. This is a fantastic scheme in operation all over the world where people 'post' online whatever items they are looking to get rid of or trying to obtain. Items range from bikes to earplugs so see what's on offer in your area!

Along the same lines as Freecyle, but sadly only available in Brighton is 'Shabitat'. Run by the Brighton based recycling firm, Magpie, Shabitat sells reclaimed items at rock bottom prices. Situated on Lewes Road, opposite the bus depot, there are hundreds of items to choose from.

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