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Sunday, 10 January 2010


It's quite difficult to find fantastic vintage headbands that haven't been damaged in some way over the years. More often than not, delicate materials such as feathers, lace or diamontes are used which tend to bend, fray or fall off over time. A good way of looking after your headpieces is by keeping them seperate from all of your other accessories and if possible, wrap them in a piece of fabric or put them in a jewellery roll if you have one.
Head peices are really easy to make if you have the time. All you need is a band of elastic (you can use ribbon but the edges will fray unless you seal them) and whatever you would like to decorate it with. Peacock feathers are the obvious choice as they're so classic and beautiful but you can use any pretty feathers. Fasten the feathers with either glue or a few stitches and add some dimontes, sequins or beads to create a real showstopper. Experiment before you glue anything down and if you can bribe a friend to model it for you, it'll help you to see how it'll look when it's on.
If you don't fancy getting your hands dirty, Karin Andreasson has done all the hard work for you! Her 1920's inspired designs are a little pricey but well worth the cash as they are timeless and will add vintage glamour to any outfit. You can buy online from

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