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Monday, 11 January 2010

Do it yourself

I love jewellery, aside from cake it's probably my only real vice. Vintage jewellery is absolutely stunning and well worth investing in but if you fancy something unusual and cheap, try making your own. The two pieces I wear more than any others are my key and pocket watch necklaces which are extremely easy to replicate! Old keys are absolutely beautiful and can be found in flea markets, car boot sales or vintage shops. Tie a peice of black ribbon or a rusty gold chain to it and you have yourself a one off! Alternatively, hunt for a vintage pocket watch and do the same thing. I found a rusty old one at a market a couple of years ago which i bought for 50p and although the glass is cracked and it doesn't work, I get compliments about it almost every time I wear it. You really use anything you like. I'm currently searching for an old compass to make a necklace out of but you could use anything from little medicine bottles, pretty lockets or tiny vanity mirrors. If you're lucky enough to stumble upon a glass locket, why not fill it with a little tapestry, vintage lace or pressed flower? x

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